Senior Advertisements

Purchase a Senior advertisement and make your child’s yearbook extra special!

Pricing Depends On Date of Ad Contract and Material Submission

Steps to purchase a senior ad.

  1.  Decide if you’d prefer to pay at school or online (credit cards are accepted online).
  2. Would you like to pay at school? If yes, see Mrs. Allnutt in room 212. Go to step 4.
  3. Would you like to pay online? If yes, go to this site. Click on yearbook, then click on the yearbook ad size you want to buy.
  4. View and complete the Senior Advertisement Contract.      You will have the option to submit the images electronically, traditionally (hard copy prints submitted in person), or a combination of digital and printed. YOU CANNOT EMAIL PHOTOS!    Hard copy photo can be taken to Mr. Baker in room 212.


This is the Balfour website where you can pick your size and pay for your advertisement.

You can skip this part if you want to pay at school with a check, cash, or money order.

Go to this page.



This is the website where you can complete your paperwork and submit your advertising material (copy and photographs). This form will expand based on your input.

Go to this page.





1. Q) Do you have to pay online?

A) No. You can pay at school if you would like. You need to pay online if you want to use a credit card.

2. Q) Do you have to submit digital photos?

A) No. You can submit paper or digital photos. You can also mix the two types.

3. Q) Can you email digital photos?

A) No. Only do so if you have spoken to Mr. Baker about this ahead of time.

4. Q) How are the advertisements priced?

A) Advertisements are priced by the page size and deadline. Payments, ad copy, and photographs must all be complete to qualify for a particular deadline price.

5. Q) Will I get a proof? How will I know what the advertisement will look like?

A) Yes. We will send you a proof of your advertisement.

6. Q) What if I have additional questions?

A) Contact Mr. Baker at 352-419-2531 or by email.